Tough Mudder Midlands 2015 Featured

On Saturday 30th May, eight Azure employees took part in one of the toughest races on the planet: Tough Mudder Midlands 2015. They swam in ice-cold water, climbed high slippery walls, kissed the mud, and even got a few electric shocks. And all this in the name of charity: Cancer Research UK – to which you can still donate here.

The whole Tough Mudder idea came from one of our colleagues – Faith Ellul Sullivan. Even though she was the initiator of this adventure, Faith couldn’t join at the end, but we are all very grateful for the great suggestion. Thank you Faith, and remember: next year you’re coming with us!

Team Azure chose to recruit a team of 8 people representing all departments – Martina Brtnicka (Marketing), Louise Critchley and Aneliese Camilleri (Member Services), Natalie Cuschieri and Mark Galea (Administration), Glen Stacey (Members’ Concierge), Madeleine Bonello (Flybuys), and Chris Mamo (Azure’s Personal Trainer). Most of the team already have interesting stories to tell here on the Team Azure website (just click on the highlighted names)!

Tough Mudder Secret Obstacle

Our team started the Tough Mudder Midlands 2015 race on Saturday 30th June at about 9am, and successfully got to the finish line after 4 hours. The race was 11.2 miles long, with 24 four obstacles including Island Hopping (crossing a river by jumping on floating squares), the Arctic Enema (swimming in ice water – literally!), the Mud Mile (running, jumping and swimming in mud), Hero Walls (climbing over 3-metre high walls), the Cry Baby obstacle (crawling though a gas tunnel), Everest 2.0 (running up a ramp, and being caught and pulled up by other Tough Mudders), Electroshock Therapy (where participants received several electric shocks while running through an electric wire fence), and so many more!

After successfully completing the race our brave team received a nice commemorative headband, t-shirt, wristband, and a refreshing drink; but most importantly they got to live one unforgettable experience! Apart from running this race in the name of charity, our Azure employees also donated their trainers, which will be properly washed and donated to people in need – another great gesture by Team Azure!

Team Azure Donation

What else to say? We are so proud of our A-team who took part in the Tough Mudder Midlands 2015 race: you rock! It was also a great team-building activity, as successfully finishing the race required a huge level of teamwork!

If you too admire our Team Azure heroes, please donate to their JustGiving page by clicking here. Thank you, and till the next one!

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