Running the Malta Half Marathon Featured

Team Azure is always ready to take on a new challenge. This time, Marketing Assistant Martina Brtnicka and Head of Finance and Corporate Affairs Mark Galea decided to measure their strengths by taking part in the Vodafone Malta Half Marathon on Sunday 5th March.

Mark running the half marathon

Martina and Mark are both very active. Martina practises pole fitness on a regular basis while Mark dances salsa. They were both involved in other past sport events as part of the Azure Team, including Tough Mudder and the Nuclear Race. The Half Marathon was a different kind of challenge, with long-distance running under the warm Maltese sun certainly putting their physique to a test. 

And because you cannot run a Half Marathon without being properly physically prepared, Azure’s personal trainer Chris Mamo was on hand to help Martina and Mark get in shape and stretch properly after each run to prevent possible injuries.

Mark is getting closer to the finish line

The 2017 Vodafone Malta Marathon welcomed a record number of participants, with over 4,400 running enthusiasts taking part. The Malta Marathon is not only about achieving personal goals and pushing yourself to the limit, but it’s also about helping people in need and raising money for a good cause. Inspire Foundation has been the official charity of the Malta Marathon for many years, and this year wasn’t an exception.

Martina is getting closer to the half marathon finish line

It was a good run, a very enjoyable experience and the atmosphere was just great


This was the first time I took part in an event of this size. I really enjoyed it, and the atmosphere created by people cheering along the way and at the finishing line was amazing.


The finish line

Both Martina and Mark finished the Half Marathon in great time! Martina crossed the finish line at 2:04:34 and Mark at 2:09:03, both completing the race in good health and even better spirits.

The next challenge for Team Azure is in the pipeline, so stay tuned!

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