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Sarah was invited to be part of an alternative Career’s day organised for 3rd and 4th graders at a school in Scotland. Sarah’s mum is a Drama teacher at Cumbernauld High in Scotland, where this event took place. There were about 20 other professionals including a firefighter, a doctor, a primary school teacher, a tattoo artist and a lawyer – to name a few. The aim of the event was to highlight to the 13 and 14 years old students what is involved within these professions and also to help the students decide on which subjects to choose within the higher subjects.

Career day code-named ‘Speed dating with professionals’ was designed in a way that all the students were divided into groups of 4/5. Every group had about 5 minutes to talk to each professional, asking questions about their jobs, their every day routine and advice on what qualifications they would need, or what subjects they would require in order to sign up. Following these group sessions was an extra half an hour when students could talk to their favourite professional.

Surprisingly the most popular person was the tattoo artist

Sarah’s role that day was to explain her work and help students understand what it takes to become Head of a Marketing Department. Sarah possesses a Master’s Degree in Marketing with Business and she comes with 6 years of work experience within the marketing industry. What she found most challenging during the talk was how to explain students what marketing actually means. It is so varied that it is very difficult to explain its complexity in one talk.

It is really difficult to talk to young teenagers in a simple and entertaining way as they are very hard audience. I think if I were to have another opportunity to do this again, next time I would focus on products and branding and show them some logos on a screen. When they recognise them, I will tell them, well this is thanks to marketing.

Sarah enjoyed this event very much and she is considering doing something similar in the Maltese secondary schools or university as in her opinion it is very important to understand the importance of certain subjects.

During the Career Day, I realised that students sometimes didn’t want to take subjects as important as English, for example. Unfortunately they haven’t realised how important languages are, English especially, what ever your professional path will be.

If you are a secondary school or university teacher and you think it would be beneficial for your students to organise an educational session with Sarah, who has been working in tourism marketing departments for the past 6 years, please, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to organise a seminar for your students.

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