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Martina has been working at Azure for the last three and a half years as Marketing Assistant. Apart from being the person behind the camera of Azure TV, she assists everyone in the Marketing Department to make sure they have everything they need.

Those of you who have met Martina before know that she is a very lively person, always running around the company departments and using her spare energy to participate in company team building activities (Nuclear Race, Tough Mudder) and local running events (Malta Marathon, Pink October). She is also a huge travel enthusiast, and is currently on a mission to discover every single hidden gem around the Maltese Islands.

It was around the beginning of April 2017 when Martina launched her website,, which serves as an online photo diary of her Maltese adventures. The aim of this photo blog is to remind herself and to show others that there is more to see in Malta than most people might think. So let’s get off the beaten track and discover the hidden Malta!

How many of you have visited the Xemxija Heritage Trail, trekked from Chadwick Lakes to Il-Qolla, walked through the Valley of Honey in Mosta, or explored the side streets of Valletta and admired its beautiful dwellings? Every spare moment she has, Martina goes out and about to discover the wonders of this Mediterranean island. Even after having lived here for nine long years, she still gets lost so many times while out on her exploratory walks and keeps coming across places she has never seen before!

And what made her start a photo blog?

To be honest I was suffering from a serious bout of island fever towards the end of last year, and I travelled every month to escape the island. But as you can imagine, that wasn’t a sustainable long-term solution. So I had to either run away or change my attitude towards Malta. I decided to try and rediscover what made me fall in love with this island, and the reason behind my decision to relocate here back in 2007. I think when you look at some of my blog posts, you will start to understand. It is a truly wonderful place; you just have to dedicate the time to discover its beauty and find out what’s hiding behind the corner. Documenting my local adventures and discoveries just reminds me about it.

We love to see our employees being truly passionate about what they do! Thank you for your time Martina, and good luck with your Maltatina photo blog!


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