Finding Nirvana Through Yoga Featured

High in the foothills of the western ghats mountains in the Maharashtra region of India, Mari Collyer—a super chilled-out member of Azure’s Member Services team—took another giant step towards achieving nirvana, completing her yoga teacher training after four weeks’ at an Ashram in Nasik.

It was a triple triumph for Mari: becoming a qualified yoga teacher, introducing her only son to the yoga lifestyle, and giving him the travel bug while celebrating his 18th birthday in unforgettable surroundings.

Completing their thrilling experience of the sub-continent, mum and son spent a further 10 days touring Northern India.

‘It was one of the happiest experiences of my life and to be able to spend it with my son was so special’, said Mari.


Now back in Malta, Mari is opening her own yoga studio in Mellieħa on 23 January 2017. Having overcome chronic back pain and post-traumatic stress following a sudden death in the family, which led to anxiety, panic attacks and severe depression, Mari now wants to help other people to ‘. . .experience the same benefits I have through my yoga and meditation.’

‘Yoga is a simple, pure practice of mindfully taking care of ourselves, body and mind, and finding balance along the way’, concluded Mari.

Azure wholeheartedly agrees with this philosophy, which is why Mari now leads Azure staff through a daily yoga routine that’s already having a great effect.

Namaste, Mari!

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