Azure & The Illyria Raid Featured

At the end of May, MD of Azure Perry Newton joined his son and two Azure colleagues on an 8-day endurance biking raid through five countries, known in the classical era as Illyria. We caught up with the team recently for a quick-fire Q&A session about their adventure. Q: Who came up with the idea…

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Exploring Military History Featured

Born in a town named Bulawayo (translation: ‘place of killing’) in what was then known as Rhodesia, it’s perhaps no surprise that Azure copywriter Mark Pearson lists military history as one of his passions. With grandfathers seeing action during WWII in Burma and El Alamein, uncles serving in the SAS and Italian cavalry and his…

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Launching a Malta Photo Blog Featured

Martina has been working at Azure for the last three and a half years as Marketing Assistant. Apart from being the person behind the camera of Azure TV, she assists everyone in the Marketing Department to make sure they have everything they need. Those of you who have met Martina before know that she is…

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Running the Malta Half Marathon Featured

Team Azure is always ready to take on a new challenge. This time, Marketing Assistant Martina Brtnicka and Head of Finance and Corporate Affairs Mark Galea decided to measure their strengths by taking part in the Vodafone Malta Half Marathon on Sunday 5th March. Martina and Mark are both very active. Martina practises pole fitness…

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Breaking Beats: Deejaying and Music Production Featured

A newcomer at Azure, Wayne Mizzi has been working within the company’s telemarketing department for the past six months. When he’s not busy handling telephone calls at work, Wayne likes to get creative by nurturing his passion for playing and producing music in his free time. Having now been deejaying for the past five years,…

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Finding Nirvana Through Yoga Featured

High in the foothills of the western ghats mountains in the Maharashtra region of India, Mari Collyer—a super chilled-out member of Azure’s Member Services team—took another giant step towards achieving nirvana, completing her yoga teacher training after four weeks’ at an Ashram in Nasik. It was a triple triumph for Mari: becoming a qualified yoga…

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Flying the Azure colours Featured

Exceptional individuals can only go so far without a team behind them. Conversely, any team wishing to achieve extraordinary things can’t rely on itself alone, it needs flickers of individual genius to triumph.This formula applies to both sports and business. Here at Azure, we’re lucky to have extraordinary individuals who come together to form an…

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Dancing with the Stars Featured

Rosie Abela is Azure Ultra’s Charter Specialist, and has been working with Azure for about a year. So what does she enjoy the most about her job? Certainly meeting and talking to people. Azure Ultra offers a fantastic opportunity for people to spend the day on a luxury Sunseeker, and Rosie loves hearing all the…

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Restoring Antique Furniture Featured

Marthese Vella joined the Information Technology team at Azure in January 2016 as Chief Information Officer. She has worked in IT for over 23 years. Marthese is an electrical engineer by profession, and her first job after graduating in 1992 was with the newly set up IT Department at Air Malta. After 7 years of…

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Running up the tallest building in Romania Featured

Azure Malta is always looking for talented people to join its expanding team and to help the growing company maintain its leading position in the hospitality industry. The latest addition to date is Ionut “Johnny” Constantinescu, Social Media Executive. Ionut is originally from Romania. He has extensive experience in working within an international environment, gained…

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