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A newcomer at Azure, Wayne Mizzi has been working within the company’s telemarketing department for the past six months. When he’s not busy handling telephone calls at work, Wayne likes to get creative by nurturing his passion for playing and producing music in his free time.

Having now been deejaying for the past five years, he claims to have begun his journey in music production at the age of 12, when he started out as a drummer. Back then, he regularly performed at festivals and venues throughout the UK alongside his brother Dean, who played guitar. As time passed, band practice became even more limited owing to work and university commitments. At that point, eighteen-year-old Wayne decided to move to Malta and start afresh. He quickly discovered, to his surprise, that Malta had a thriving electronic music scene. This instantly caught his attention, and he soon decided to give it a go.

What Wayne finds absolutely fascinating about music production is that it is extremely therapeutic, being a channel for expressing feelings and emotions. While most people in the music industry would name a top DJ as their greatest inspiration, Wayne says that all his respect in this regard goes towards his father, who was considered one of the best house music DJs in Malta back in the early 90s. He admires his father for having always supported his son’s passion, often helping him buy equipment or even dropping him off at party venues before a performance.

“You can say that without my dad, I probably wouldn’t have found my true self.”

Remembering all the parties he’s attended and even played at over the past years, he recalls what was probably the most memorable night of all. This was when he was booked to deejay at Summer3p, a popular music festival held in Serbia. He simply loved the crazy crowd who couldn’t get enough of all the partying, plus he also got to share the stage with the biggest international artists – which he definitely considers a personal achievement.

The thing he loves the most about the music scene and his deejaying passion is the opportunity to meet people who share his same interest. There are some great perks to being a DJ, such as being respected by people and music enthusiasts. He also finds it very rewarding when he receives praise right after having played a set.

Wayne also finds the local DJ scene to be rather strangely competitive, which he attributes to Malta being such a small country. He hopes that people in the music scene would start helping and pushing each other more in future.

The one track that never gets old for him, no matter how many times he listens to it, is
Papua New Guinea by The Future Sound of London. While he’s unsure about nominating an absolute least favourite hit track, Wayne tends to appreciate almost everything he listens to under the broad music spectrum.

Some of Wayne’s greatest wishes include the possibility to perform at the Dekmantel music festival in Amsterdam, as well as to play with DJ icon Sven Vath. Wayne’s ultimate dream, however, would be to make a living out of producing music. Good luck in fulfilling all of these goals Wayne; keep those decks spinning!

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