Azure Malta Helps with Books4Kids Jamaica’s Book Distribution Featured

Azure Malta is one of Europe’s leading and award-winning vacation ownership specialists. Azure cares greatly about giving back to society, and this is why it supports several charities, non-profit organisations and individuals in need of help.

Books4Kids Jamaica 2016

The Books4Kids Jamaica programme was founded in 2007 with the main aim of increasing literacy and promoting a positive educational experience in pre-schools across Jamaica. The organisation provides educational material for 3-to-5-year-old kindergarten children. Unfortunately, children in pre-schools across Jamaica don’t have the required reading or writing material, and most parents cannot afford to buy any owing to their financial situation.


Many schools purely depend on the Books4Kids Jamaica book distribution to receive the educational tools required by pupils for the school year ahead. Since Books4Kids Jamaica does not receive any government financial support, each year funds have to be raised to enable it to deliver books to as many children as possible. This is achieved through the annual Online Charity Auction which takes place in April.

Books4Kids Jamaica - Book Distribution 2016

Azure Malta has been a proud sponsor of Books4Kids Jamaica for the past five years. In the last two years, the company became even more involved with the Online Charity Auction by donating weeks of accommodation at the Golden Sands resort, offering a week’s luxury holiday aboard an Azure Ultra Sunseeker, filming a promotional video for the Online Auction, as well as promoting the activity among its large member base.

Books4Kids Jamaica - Book Distribution 2016

This year, the Azure Malta team was present at the Books4Kids Jamaica book distribution. Azure’s Seasons newsletter editor Kirsti Newton, joined by Marketing Assistant and Azure TV editor Martina Brtnicka, together with Members’ Concierge and Azure TV presenter Glen Stacey, visited Jamaica to help with the book distribution and to film a promotional video which will enable the charity to reach even more potential sponsors in the upcoming years. The Azure Malta team stayed in Jamaica for five working days, visiting twelve schools across the country and reaching over 1700 kindergarten children.

Books4Kids Jamaica - Book Distribution 2016

Each year, Books4Kids Jamaica welcomes volunteers to help out over the five-to-six-week distribution period, during which several schools across Jamaica are visited. It is an unforgettable and very enriching experience to see all those children excited about receiving their books! For most of them this is the only book they will own for the entire year, and they really do treasure it as their prized possession.

Books4Kids Jamaica - Book Distribution 2016

If you wish to volunteer, or would like to help in any way – donate some money or a book bag, or even adopt a school, visit to find out how. Thank you very much for your support.

Books4Kids Jamaica - Book Distribution 2016

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